Replay: Welcome to Peter Schenk's Call On Aquaware 5 and SourXe V Water Programming and Manifesting Sotware

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Replay: Peter Schenk's Call On Aquaware 5 and SourXe V Water Intention and Manifesting Software Amazing Value: 20% Saving on Aquaware 5 and SourXe V and a Massive 40% If you get them both!!! You also get Navitus 5.0 the High Energy Software as a bonus. This Replay is for you if you want to unlock your own true potential as you tap into the power of universal Source energy. Thanks to potent new features, TheSourxe V carries you beyond your current limitations to a level of consciousness and abilities you never before thought possible. What would you love to do? Start a new career? Develop psychic and intuitive abilities? Get more comfortable financially? With TheSourxe V, you’ll find that obstacles transmute almost instantly to become opportunities. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a superhuman? To function on a level that is so far above everyone else that you just seem to breeze through everyday challenges? Empower yourself to reach new heights of physical stamina and productivity with Navitus 4.0. Welcome to the Replay! What others are saying: I used TheSourxe to charge some water for my 3-year-old. I’d been gone on a trip and came home to her having the worst chapped lips ever. I mean, bloody, scabby pieces of meat. Seriously bad. A week of trying to heal them with lip balm, healthy foods and extra liquids has not seemed to help. She’d wake up every morning with her lips crusted in blood. So, I charged some water yesterday with the intent to heal her chapped skin and had her drink it throughout the day. This morning they’re pink again. - Tanya B Recently, I posted a topic on weight loss. Because I FEEL more than visualize, I put a note on my water bottle that read: “I easily and consistently weigh 56 kgs.” Four days later, I weighed in at 65kgs. I immediately thought that TheSourxe doesn’t work and I had wasted my money. While I was busy doing something else, this random thought popped into my head: “What if my subconscious doesn’t read figures like my conscious mind? Numbers are just numbers.” I immediately changed the figure on my water bottle to 55 kgs, and when I charged my water, I repeated my mantra: “I easily and consistently weigh 55 kgs.” A day later, I was down a full kilogram (2.2 pounds). - T.Z.
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