RRA Planetary Calls August 15 2023 at 6 Pacific Set Two Decrees

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To listen by phone, dial test 206-402-0103 and enter ID: 132-557-007#. View Advanced Controls.
Welcome to the Planetary Healing Program Live Decree Event- August 15 2023 We will use the "August Set Two Decrees" that you can access by clicking the link on this page. Audio event description: Excalibur, Messenger # 2, will lead us in Decrees and guided visualizations to help heal the planet. This event may include a sharing from Messenger # 2 before or after the Decrees and sometimes includes a Message from an Ascended Master. There are two Contemplation breaks, a brief Meditation following the Decrees, and we end on Divine Timing. If you miss this event or you would like to repeat it, you can listen to the recording and download it onto your computer or digital device. It will be available after the event is over. For technical issues, try another one of the three connection options. Also try changing your browser, since Mozilla or Chrome work much better than Safari on most broadcasts. You can also contact Live Planetary Support at rrateleconferences@live.com Together - we are loving our planet free! Planetary Healing Program Radiant Rose Academy www.RadiantRoseAcademy.com
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