COURAGE --channeled by Elizabeth Locey

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Hello! This is a recording of the Akashic Records of COURAGE. I recorded it on 13 March 2022 for a podcast whose purpose is to bring delight and cosmic truths out into the world. Scroll down to the bottom for grounding techniques! The first file is the channeled message about Courage, and the second file is a message (and support) from the crystalline realm about courage. According to the Akashic Record Keepers, Courage is about the opening up and broadcasting of Heart Energy, though does not need to be outwardly directed. It's about finding the strength within yourself to do the things you don't want to do. It's about overcoming your resistance to being judged. In a word, Courage about trusting your heart. --> Practical tips for tuning in to Courage start 2/3 of the way into the first file. Humans are moving into the absolute unknown of paradigm shift, so we all require courage to face this, even if everything else is moving along well. In the second file, discover the 5 stones that came to help us all to better understand and embody the principle of Courage. At the front end, I also take the time to unpack how to think about crystalline energies as both potent messages and healing gifts. --> GROUNDING TECHNIQUES: After listening (every time) to the Akashic Records file, please take the time to do a little grounding. Place your bare feel on the earth, hug a tree, stomp your feet, run your hands along your arms, legs and head to get a sense of the edges of your body, drink water, AND/OR eat grounding foods like mineral-rich apples or proteins. This short message only requires one or two, but if you listen to longer channeled messages, or if you engage Elizabeth to channel your own Records or the Records of your business for you, you will want to combine several before driving a car. I trust that you've enjoyed this--it's all about delight after all--and that you'll spread the word (website link: to your friends if you feel called. I'm not just a channel, but help people with their projects and businesses in a hidden "power behind the throne" kind of way so if you'd like short-term help with a big decision or more long-term mentorship support and you feel a rapport, let's talk about that. Thank you so much for joining me. It has been my pleasure to serve you in this way. May our Winged Hearts fly ever free! Elizabeth All recordings are (c) Elizabeth Locey 2022, with all rights reserved. This material "belongs" to the planetary and cosmic collective, but it's uncool (not to mention bad Karma) to share transcripts and/or recordings, in part or in whole, without requesting permission in writing from and giving full credit to the channel, Elizabeth Locey. Thank you.
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