Goddess of Peace April 30 @ 11 am.

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To listen by phone, dial 206-402-0103 and enter ID: 126-168-429#. View Advanced Controls.
Our Beloved Goddess of Peace speaks to us live via Messenger No. 1 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. If you require technical assistance, please send your phone number to our volunteer at: rrateleconferences@live.com and she will help you get connected another way. We have been having issues with some people not being able to see the usual connections on the Face Page and Instant Teleseminar tech team is working on resolving it. If you would like to try connecting some other ways, here are some options… (1) If you do not see the broadcast “listen” or “web call” options, try to copy and paste this link into a browser such as Chrome or Mozilla. It may open in that browser. (2) If that does not work, try the phone option (although music always sounds best via internet connection. But at least you can hear the message via the phone. (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 819752# Alternate Numbers: (206) 402-0100. (3) Here is a list of international numbers: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/?eventid=126168303 Cost: This event is complimentary; however if you feel prompted to contribute towards expenses, you can do so here: https://radiantroseacademy.com/the-academy/make-a-donation/ To listen to Ascended Master's Broadcast audio messages or to view them on the Radiant Rose Academy You Tube Channel, you can do so here: https://radiantroseacademy.com/sanctuary/loving-our-planet-free/the-ascended-masters-broadcasts/ Thank you for honoring these Holy Masters with your sincere attention. May the Sacred Flame of Compassion Shine Ever Brightly through your Heart! Loving Our Planet Free team Radiant Rose Academy www.radiantroseacademy.com
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