Mighty Helios Message Friday March 26 2021

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To listen by phone, dial 206-402-0103 and enter ID: 125-766-993#. View Advanced Controls.
Our Beloved Mighty Helios provides a beautiful message about how to expand our relationship with those in the Higher Realms. To play this file via phone: Replay Page: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/125766993 Replay By Phone: Dial: (206) 402-0103 Replay ID: 125-766-993# Replay Controls: *: Skip Back #: Skip Forward 9: 2x Speed 0: Pause Playback 7: Percent Complete Song before the message starts: "Weave me the Sunshine" by Peter, Paul and Mary (Amazon digital) Music after the message: Heaven's Window by Peter Kater (Amazon digital music) Spiritus by Asha Quinn (asherquinn.com) The event is complimentary; however if you feel prompted to contribute towards expenses, you can do so here: https://radiantroseacademy.com/the-academy/make-a-donation/ To listen to Ascended Master's Broadcast audio messages or to view them on the Radiant Rose Academy You Tube Channel, you can do so here: https://radiantroseacademy.com/sanctuary/loving-our-planet-free/the-ascended-masters-broadcasts/ If you require technical assistance or want to know more about the music we play, contact: rrateleconferences@live.com . Thank you for honoring these Holy Masters with your sincere Presence. May the Sacred Flame of Compassion Shine Ever Brightly through your Heart! Loving Our Planet Free team Radiant Rose Academy www.radiantroseacademy.com
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