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Welcome to the Past Lives Replay at the Earth Angel Sanctuary. This is an introduction to our past lives and the impact they can have on us, how to find out more about your own past lives and clues you will have, plus sharing some of my own past lives with you. There is live clearings on the call including issues with neck (trauma and pain of being hanged when innocent), killed by being stabbed in the heart, trauma around links to past life as royalty and clearing blocks to exploring what drawn to in this lifetime. Highly recommend listening to this replay. This call is also an introduction to the brand new 'Healer, Heal Thy Past Lives' starting soon for all Sanctuary members where I will take you on an accelerated healing journey to blast through past life blocks, vows, traumas, pain, fears, karma and even healing broken hearts plus anything holding you back IN THIS LIFE. This is an advanced energy clearing series I will be facilitating for all Sanctuary members and will be a deep and powerful healing process. Join us here: http://earthangelsanctuary.com/join/ Please journal about your experience after the call and make a note of anything that comes up for you. Any awarenesses, memories, dreams etc. These will be clues to potential blocks you may have and we can cover these on subsequent calls for you. Peace, love and light always Sarah xxx
To listen by phone, dial 206-402-0103 and enter ID: 102-728-775#. View Advanced Controls.