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In this informative presentation Kelvin will tell us about some common mistakes to avoid during meditation and he'll share how a meditation practice can help ease fears of death. NOTE: THIS EVENT FEATURES SLIDES SO CHOOSE THE BROADCAST OPTION IN ORDER TO VIEW THEM. (CLICK ON THE ARROW IN THE GRAY SLIDE VIEWER TO SEE THE FIRST SLIDE). IF YOU WANT TO CALL IN BY TELEPHONE BE SURE TO MUTE YOUR COMPUTER SO YOU DON'T HEAR AN ECHO. YOU CAN SUBMIT QUESTIONS FOR KELVIN IN WRITING USING THE Q&A FORM TO THE RIGHT! Kelvin Chin has been teaching meditation for 44 years worldwide, now on Skype, phone, and in-person, to thousands of people. He taught the first meditation courses at West Point Military Academy, U.S. Army in Korea (including on the Demilitarized Zone), Raytheon, Yale and Dartmouth. He learned TM meditation at age 19, was a test subject in the first U.S. medical studies on meditation, studied personally with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and taught TM for 10 years in the 1970s. He now teaches his Turning Within Meditation through his nonprofit, Turning Within Foundation. www.TurningWithin.org
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