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I'm so glad you're here to learn how to accelerate or expand your most JOYFUL and PROSPEROUS FUTURE! This is perfect if you’d love to: - Create a change in your life but aren’t sure where to begin, what to do or who can help - Enjoy a guided meditation to the future (you pick the timeframe) - Gain insights into your experiences, insights and decisions that led you there - Learn how to integrate the knowledge and turn it into wisdom that you get to bring back with you to the present - Anchor it into your cells so you can accelerate your future possibilities and expand your potential Includes time for Q&A/debrief (and make sure you’re back in your body in present time). This is exciting, so take a breath, bring your attention to the present moment, relax and enjoy! Love, Alicia Alicia Isaacs Howes, Soul Connection expert,
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