Death & Afterlife Summit 2017
Danielle MacKinnon:
"How Animals Teach Us From the Other Side"

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In this interview animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon will tell us about the Soul Contract that exists between humans and their pets. She will teach us how to communicate more effectively with our animal companions and find comfort for our grief after the loss of a pet. Danielle MacKinnon (Boston, MA) is a highly gifted intuitive and coach who has appeared on TV and on radio around the world. She is also an esteemed faculty member at the Omega Institute, and the Kripalu Center as well as other globally recognized teaching and wellness institutions. Her school, the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication, has helped to make the field of animal communication more globally visible than ever. As a highly sought-after intuitive, she challenges people to rethink their beliefs about themselves and her unconventional skills allow her to enlighten, enliven and excite others as they use her insight to make lasting, positive change in their lives. Every year, Danielle leads thousands of people through their challenges and into a world of miraculous possibility. Named one of the country's "Best Psychic Mediums," and one of the "Top 100 American Astrologers and Psychics" Danielle is one of the country's most popular teachers on soul contracts, animal communication and re-connecting to your best self.
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