Feeling On Purpose with special guest Robin Rice




Stephanie Kathan sits down with International Author and Visionary Robin Rice to talk about Being Who You Are, the power of Feeling On Purpose and how you can tell if your inner visionary is awakening. Robin Rice is an internationally published author, transformational speaker, social change artist and mentor to leaders. With more than 100 apprentices in the last decade, her work is carried on through professional soul mentors practicing around the globe. Her virtual-by-design social change projects have garnered attention from major media in 30+ countries, including The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, E Online and Shape Magazine. Her fiction has been translated into three languages and she serves as a personal mentor to high profile leaders from the political, NGO, entrepreneurial, and arts communities. Robin is the Lead Mentor at Creative Leadership Partners, a progressive organizational consultancy firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a Faculty Adviser at GetStoried, the world's leading school for business storytelling. This year, she kicks off speaking to visionaries through 100Visionaries.com. To learn more, visit RobinRice.com.
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