Healing the Separation between Sexuality and Spirituality

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[Please download the second track; on the first one the energy about to come through was so strong that it KICKED ME OFF THE CALL just a few seconds in--snort] Part I of the 3-part (un)HOLY TRINITY series on healing the separation between sexuality and spirituality or religion, between sex + Love, and between sex + money. This event begins with a potent healing directly from Mary Magdalene herself in her Sainte-Baume cave in the South of France. Enjoy! Own Your Magick, Elizabeth IMPORTANT: This is a call in which I am channeling from the Akashic Records of Sex + Spirituality. These Records are B I G! Please drink plenty of water as you're listening and know that even in replay you are still connecting to the Godhead (or whatever you want to call the most potent matrix of Divine energies out there) for a significant amount of time. Be aware that while you may feel completely yummy, you WILL be altered; you'll be walking with your feet a few inches off the ground. This is not ideal when you need to drive somewhere as little details such as stop lights or pedestrians may escape your notice as you float along. Be sure to use multiple grounding techniques before getting behind the wheel of a car: hug a tree for several minutes, lie on the ground/walk barefooted on the Earth, eat grounding food (proteins or cooked root vegetables), do a visualization in which you see tree roots springing from the soles of your feet digging deeper into the Earth than you thought possible (make this 5 minutes or more for best results). A potato or Terra chip or 2 can also work wonders. If, on the other hand, you have creative projects to work on, doing this directly after listening will be quite useful: you will be flowing with the generative power of the cosmic planes! I always appreciate hearing what landed with listeners, so if you'd like to be witnessed in what you received from the Magdalene or to share any other take-away from the call, please reach out. With gratitude, Elizabeth
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