Judith Lynne Hosts September 21, 2014

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Descended from many generations of performers and musicians, Judith Lynne began singing sometime around 9 pm on April 9th, 1951. Her passion for singing fueled her lifetime quest to understand the holistic nature of the voice. Combining her extensive musical studies with her lifetime exploration of world religions, yoga and metaphysics, Judith Lynne has developed leading edge sound healing methods, Harmonic Healing TM and Vocal Energetics TM. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009, she has found her protocols to be helpful in her personal healing regimen. Recognized for her special voice, Judith uses it to “read�, adjust and harmonize the frequencies of her clients, and offers easy, practical tools for using the voice for self-healing and meditation. Her clients appreciate her compassionate and insightful counsel and are grateful for the sense of well being that accompanies their sessions. Residing in Portland, OR, and working internationally, Judith offers sessions, workshops, and monthly meditations in person and via telephone and Skype.
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