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Welcome to your Sizzling Hot Quick tip from Dr.Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD. MA- Your Inspired Action Success Coach (See the links to the left of the presentation to book your complimentary Step Into Inspired Action Coaching Session) Sheri is a Life Coach, Executive Coach, and Small Biz Coach. She is a bestselling transformational author. Sheri brings wisdom from her over 20 year career in coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training and development to you. The essence of her coaching approach is transformational, intuitive, spiritual, inspirational, energy boosting, and action oriented. She teaches, collaborates, partners, mentors, and inspires others to ignite inspiration, creativity, happiness, and success every day. Sheri is an internationally popular radio show guest and is the host of her own podcast on itunes. She holds a PhD, a Master's degree in Organizational Management and two bachelor degrees. Sheri also holds certifications in the following areas: executive coaching, spirituality coaching, business coaching, professional life coaching, and group coaching. She has taught ethics and business classes at the collegiate level and lives in beautiful Parker, Colorado. She is married (for over 20 years) and has three children and three step-children.
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