Spiritual Dowsing and the Simple Blessing Processt
Wednesday, October 24th at 9:00pm Eastern




Joey has found the ancient art of dowsing combined with prayer and blessing to be the most powerful spiritual tools that we each have at our disposal to activate the invisible world of subtle energies to support us in creating the life we desire. While teaching dowsing and working with thousands of people for over 15 years, Joey has gained many insights that he looks forward to sharing. He will discuss how the combination of spiritual dowsing and the blessing process can become a simple, yet powerful tool for change. Joey Korn is a revolutionary spiritual explorer and global leader in the world of dowsing. As a passionate spiritual seeker for almost 40 years, Joey has found dowsing combined with blessing to be the most powerful tools we each have at our disposal to grow spiritually, heal, and take charge of our lives. He masterfully combines the spiritual tools of dowsing with the sacred art of the blessing Process. Joey condenses years of personal exploration into an extraordinary system of practical understanding and energy work. He is a revolutionary explorer for today’s spiritual seeker. Joey shares his understandings in his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, in his Web site, and in lectures, workshops, and retreats.
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