Minimize the Effects of EMFs
Wednesday, August 22nd at 9:00pm Eastern




EMF's (Electric and Magnetic Fields) Peter Webb, sorts out the biological effects of electro-magnetic fields on plants, animals and humans. His Company Laurentia has helped thousands of clients over the years by offering a unique customized service and products which harmonize & balance and eliminate the effects of environmental stress so that a healthier, happier living and working environment is created. Join Peter to hear his solutions and experiences in working with EMFs Electro-Magetic Fields interfere with our body functions by tying up vitamin and minerals in our diet so utilization is reduced. There is an important dysfunction when the pineal, literary and adrenal triangle is interfered with in this manner. Peter Webb has worked with Nutrition and Animal Agriculture for 40+ years with hands on experience in health nutritional and behavioral abnormalities.
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