Take-Charge of your Life. NOW!
Wednesday, August 29th at 9:00pm Eastern




Embrace Your Power - Take-Charge of your Life!! We are living during unique times, requiring each of us to let go of all that we have ever been... to discover all that we truly are!! We are far more than we've been taught... with abilities, strengths and untapped innate-knowledge which can serve to powerfully change our lives. Hank shares understandings of many of these "hidden" dynamics and provides creative and practical tools... to allow us to pro-actively take-charge of our lives. Join us for this amazing experience to more consciously and pro-actively embrace the truth of who you are!! Hank is a gifted healing practitioner, master dowser [former VP of Mile High Dowsers (4 years)], a dynamic motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, and the published author of two books on awakening consciousness, As a health consultant/practitioner he is involved in cutting-edge modalities of alternative healing working with clients globally and teaching nationally. His passion is awakening consciousness, by providing insights and understandings so people can pro-actively embrace their lives.
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