Introduction to the Back Force Transmission System with Thomas Liberto




Introduction to the Back Force Transmission System Drs. Serge Gracovetsky (The Spinal Engine) and Andre Vleeming (Form and Force Closure of the Sacroiliac Joint) combined to discover three muscle-tendon-fascial slings that serve to absorb and transfer the energy generated during a gait. Join Thomas as he introduces you to these mechanisms by which we walk, (by the way, the legs have less to do with gait than what you may think) and to the mechanisms by which the forces produced by spinal motion and of ground reactive forces propel the body forward in time and space. These muscle-tendon-fascial slings will be presented and their function appreciated.

Thomas Liberto has traveled to Hawaii, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania and California, studying Reflexology, Receptor-Tonus (Trigger Point) Technique, Reiki Healing, Clinical Kinesiology, and Body Alignment and has attended seminars in Applied Kinesiology from its founder and developer George Goodheart, DC. He has been a practicing massage therapist for over 30 years and a teacher of health care professionals for 25 years. Mr. Liberto has instructed at several schools and presented at many FSMTA and FCA events. Thomas was awarded Business Professional of the Year from the FSMTA 2000-2001. He owns and operates a successful practice, Liberto Therapy Associates, in Lake Worth, FL.
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