Beverley East Reflects on the Kendal Tradegy




September 1, 1957 will be a day that will live in infamy for Jamaica. On this tragic day over 250 precious souls lost their lives in the Kendal train crash. You may ask why do we want to remember such an awful event? When we forget the past we lose an important anchor of our humanity, the actions, and heroes of the moment. To Ms. East, this is more than history, it’s personal has she lost 14 members of her family. Her personal perseverance in capturing the history of this event in a readily accessible format is commendable. Listen to her reflect on this the 53 rd. anniversary of this event. Listen carefully to the reading of the known names of the departed. Add to the history by sharing this link and informing those who may have suffered a loss Consider how you will support a memorial to honor these departed.
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