Replay of this month's call on ‘Cleansing Our Physical Body and Energy Field of Negativity’

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This month's topic is on ‘Cleansing Our Physical Body and Energy Field of Negativity’ Do you lack physical energy? Do you find yourself exhausted? Do your moods and/or emotions tend to be more on the negative side? Do you feel ungrounded / or have difficulty being in the present moment? Are you unhappy with who you are and what you have achieved? Do you find it hard to look after yourself in a balanced way? If you say YES to any of these or notice these patterns in your family then, please listen to the free call, and allow the clearings to help 'ease' anything that comes up. The replay of this call will be live until the first Thursday of April. Each time you listen it will help to clear the next layer of imbalances that come to the surface ready to be healed around this month's topic. If you would like to work deeper around this topic then why not sign up for the monthly series.
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