The Intuitive Pet Parent features Jacquelin Smith

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The Intuitive Pet Parent hosted by Jessica Ardeal of is an online virtual event where heart centered experts reveal how to resolve energy imbalances, correct behavioral concerns and enhance the spiritual bond with your pet family members. Jessica Ardeal features Jacquelin Smith! Love, Light & Listening! Take your intuition to the next level and trust yourself! Jacquelin outlines the steps from her book so that you can be empowered to connect with your pet family members in a happy, healthy, conscious way! Jacquelin is a leader in the field of telepathic communication with animals. She communicates internationally with thousands of individuals about their animal companions. Jacquelin has experienced great love and respect for all life forms since early childhood. Since 1972 she has been actively involved in studying animal life and behavior. After receiving a B.A., Jacquelin worked as a licensed animal technician and dog trainer. She is gifted at acknowledging and supporting both person and their animal friend during a consultation. Jacquelin has communicated with animals in zoological parks as well as in the wild during her travels in Africa and South America. She has sat among Mountain Gorillas and walked among tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. Jacquelin has communicated with cats, dogs, horses, dolphins, bats, birds, bears, chimps, rabbits and many other species.
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