The Intuitive Pet Parent features Philippa Kingsley

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The Intuitive Pet Parent hosted by Jessica Ardeal of is an online virtual event where heart centered experts reveal how to resolve energy imbalances, correct behavioral concerns and enhance the spiritual bond with your pet family members. Jessica Ardeal features Philippa Kingsley! Love transcends the boundaries of space and time! Sometimes a deeper level of healing occurs when you are least expecting it and even after years of the grieving process, a flood of emotions can still hit you without warning leaving you speechless! It's okay to let those tears fall and release it all. Many people have such deep pain and sorrow etched into their belief system that it can cause emotional or physical manifestation. It takes great strength of character and courage to release this negativity. Learn how to forgive yourself or an issue, enabling you to move forward and make a quantum leap in your life and fully engage in the miraculous journey of the human soul with faith, trust and belief in yourself. You will be facilitated and empowered during your journey along the spiritual path to discover your life purpose. The realization that all you have to do is to commit to yourself is a simple act of awareness and love. When it is time for us to let go of our companion animal, the pain that it unleashes is immense. I will help you feel safe in the knowledge that it's acceptable to grieve over the loss, or imminent loss and to understand the physical and spiritual journey that you and your pet have been through, and the lessons learned. If your pet has behavior problems or health issues. I can help you and your companion animal with VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing and Animal Communication so that your pet knows at a deep cellular level that it is safe and loved. To be able to communicate with animals of all shapes and sizes and raise the understanding and awareness of people to truly realize that animals, like us, have distinct personalities, thoughts, feelings and souls. All we have to do is to open our hearts to them and listen. Philippa is a Spiritual Medium and can help you connect with your beloved pet in spirit to help you find closure.
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